Bunny Herbs

Here’s another contemplation from the summer:

This summer there seem to be a lot of bunnies hopping around.  I’ve been watching them in my herb garden (it’s not fenced in and my neighbor has successfully fenced the bunnies out!).  The herbs they are eating are not surprising to me.  They’re eating the leaves of herbs that are gentle for the digestion (violet, marshmallow leaf, parsley), good for circulation (hawthorn) and are avoiding the herbs that have strong volatile oils (oregano, thyme, rosemary).

Many herbalists have historically observed animals eat in the wild and then applied this to people they’re helping who have similar constitutions.  For bunnies, this often mean people who freeze in fear.  It does make sense to me to see these little guys eating gentile digestives — these can also be used in humans to help improve digestion, which would help heal anxiety (digestion is very tied to emotions, as most of us can tell when we’re nervous about something).

When bunnies are healthy, they are also able to leap and run quickly, take cover and thrive.  From what I can see, these bunnies are well fed and thriving…..

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