Single words come to me and stick in my head until I’ve figured out why they came. In the fall of 2001, two words came: heal and responsibility. At the time, I thought I was perfectly healthy and I didn’t really think healing was my responsibility anyway.   Years later, looking back, I realize why they came to me. I did need to heal, and it is my personal responsibility.

Sometimes I hear people talking about their doctors not being able to “fix” them. Herbalists can’t fix you either, I’m afraid. After studying herbalism for five years, I see this is still true. It’s hard work to heal. Sometimes you’re already on your way, with healthier eating and moderate exercise, and you need a little nudge with herbs, more sleep and some mind/body discipline. Sometimes you’re in a chronic pattern and you can’t figure out what needs to change. And, if you are overwhelmed by too many things to change, you can’t seem to see what needs to change first. Sometimes the first thing you need to change in order to allow all the other changes to arrive, is to accept the fact that there is personal responsibility in healing. Once that is accepted, you can take one change at a time until your path to feeling better is solid and clear. One step at a time.

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